Review: Cocos Hotel Antigua

I’m super grateful that my business allows me to travel whenever I want (I’m the best boss I ever had!). To celebrate my 30th I decided to spend 8 nights at Cocos Hotel in Antigua. I’m a Trip Advisor addict and it took me ages to decide on this hotel!

After a cheeky upgrade to Premium Economy we were ready to go!

We booked a package with Kenwood Travel who were great. All in it cost around £5,500 for the two of us on an all-inclusive basis. We flew on a rather ancient British Airways plane straight to Antigua. The flight is around 8 hours.

The Accommodation

We decided to stay in the Sunset Pool Room – WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY. This was stunning suite with a pool overlooking the Caribbean sea. The rooms are very rustic and basic. No TV! But they are very clean and fit right in with the island vibe. There is an outdoor shower, well stocked mini-bar and gorgeous four-poster bed.

Enjoying an Antiguan sunset.

I can’t tell you how incredible it was to enjoy the sunsets from our private pool every evening with a bottle of Rose!

The Food

Let’s be honest…this is the most important part haha. I was slightly apprehensive because it’s not your normal all-inclusive. Rather than getting food on demand, there are three meal sittings per day plus bar snacks on the beach between 4-5 pm.

Fresh fish was on the menu every day. 

Overall the food was flipping incredible! It was the same menu for breakfast and lunch but there was a huge choice and there was always a few specials on top of this. Think freshly caught fish, Jerk chicken and traditional Antiguan cuisine.

The Drinks

I have just one thing to say…AMAZING. Make sure you try the Pain Killer!!!

The Pain Killer


We pretty much sat on our asses! Which is what I wanted. However we did venture out on a half-day boat trip to go snorkelling at Cades Reef. We booked through Treasure Island Tours and took the Chardonnay yacht. This was much nice than the big catamarans on offer as there were only 6 of us on the boat. The trip included unlimited drinks and lunch. The snorkelling was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend the trip. I think it was around $110 per person.

Snorkelly at Cades Reef

We also visited Shirley Heights. This was an evening trip booked through the hotel because they have a mini bus every Sunday. This was a great trip although don’t be fooled…it takes at least an hour to get there. The drive outward is great though with some ace views. When you arrive there is a BBQ and a live steel band. An amazing atmosphere. Afterwards we were promised reggae but if you want real reggae (not just reggae-style covers of popular 90s songs) then you might be disappointed like we were!

The Hotel & Staff

The staff really make this place. They are incredible. Friendly, funny and welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble, whether it’s a bottle of wine for your room or dealing with a complaint. We had builders near our room, which really started to annoy me and they made sure that they stopped while we were there!

Breakfast in bed (kinda).

They even organised a ‘honey-moon’ breakfast for us in our room. Drinking champagne and enjoying breakfast over the bluest sea you will ever see was quite an amazing experience.

The Verdict

100% I recommend Cocos and for the first time in my life I’ll say that I would return to this hotel. Usually I always like to try new places but Antigua and the hotel itself really stole my heart. Get it booked!

Visit to book direct or book a package like we did with

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