Fierce Female: Natalie-Jade Magill

Through my blog I want to share the stories of women all over the world who have successfully made the transition from employee to Fierce Female, and created a full time income through a business they feel passionate about.
Natalie-Jade is a 26 year old female entrepreneur based in Manchester, UK. She has been running her own Network Marketing business for over four years now. Before starting her business she was working full time in accounts and ran her own dance school working every hour under the sun, and still living at home living off credit cards.
Live looks very different now. She live in a beautiful home that has been on her vision board from day one. She enjoys visiting her team across the country, heading on long walks with the dog and keeping fit by playing netball. She also runs her own bootcamp for women who are body conscious and hate the gym.
Describe your business…
My business is designed to inspire health living around the world. 
When did you start your business and why?
I got started back in April 2013. I started on the products after a recommendation from my cardiologist and the business just flowed. I was recommending them anyway so it made sense. The extra money was appealing as I was working full time for a small wage anyway.
What emotions did you feel when you first started your business and how did you deal with them?
I was scared, excited, nervous, skeptical and everything in between. But I literally had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.
When did the income from your business begin to overtake that of your job?
Within 3 months I was matching my full time income and 6 months in I was doubling my full time income.
How did it feel quitting the day-job and going full time with your business?
It was a huge decision but I knew in my gut it was the right decision. I knew to progress and move further I needed to make the commitment to my business and use the time wisely.
Your particular industry is Network Marketing, the same industry I’m involved in! Do you have any advice for women getting started in their own Network Marketing business?
Be passionate about the products. I’ve seen many a network marketers jump from company to company in the interest of money and finances but unless you truly love the products you use you won’t be credible to potentials. I truly love the products I use and what they have done for my health and my passion shows through in the way I speak to people. So find your passion and believe! Believe in the products, the business but more importantly believe in yourself!
What is your number one success tip for female entrepreneurs?
Be yourself! There is nothing more powerful that you being you. You are unique, it’s what makes you stand out from the rest so learn to use that to your advantage. Be open minded to learn and develop constantly, and always strive to bring others up with you. 

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