The book that helped me quit my job!

I had to share this book with you because it played a huge part in my journey from employee to entrepreneur.

I can’t in all honesty remember how I came across it but it planted a very powerful seed in my head and I would mark the day I began to read it as the day my life took a subtle yet huge turn.

The book is written by the wonderful Marianne Cantwell who helps people to escape the rat race. For me, it was the first time I had ever come across someone who felt exactly the same as me.


She explained how it was okay not to fit into a career box and to feel like there were a million things you wanted to do with your life. I had never felt that I wanted to do just one thing for the rest of my life. I had tons of interests and lots of things that excited me!

In the book she helps you to dive deep into what you do enjoy and what you don’t. For example, perhaps you think you’d love to be a doctor but in fact you’re scared of blood and don’t really like people…so she helps you break down what about being a doctor actually appeals to you. Perhaps it’s the status that comes along with it or that you are passionate about health.

She helps you pull all this together into a dream business or career.

For me, it opened my eyes to how much I wanted a free-range lifestyle. I didn’t want a job and I didn’t want a boss. I wanted a business that I could take anywhere in the world with me, with a great earning potential and something that allowed me to help others.

Clarity on the next steps you want in life are absolutely priceless.

It also inspired me to know that there was another woman out there like me! Someone who wanted more and wasn’t prepared to settle. Someone who had made her dream a reality and was running her own business successfully.

You can get your copy by clicking here which will take you over to Amazon. Enjoy!

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