The day I found my inner Kate Moss.

I actually hate having my photo taken! I get that from my Mum. I am definitely one of those girls who looks in the mirror after spending a couple of hours getting ready and thinks “oh yeah I look pretty nice!” only to be absolutely horrified by photos taken later in the night.

Despite my poor track record I was pretty excited when I recently booked in a photoshoot with the amazing Sarah Stone. I’ve been meaning to get some new photos done for absolutely ages and I think a fresh set are always an amazing boost for your business.

I have to start by shouting out the amazing make up artist that I used – Laura Hilton MUA.


It was so nice just to have my make up done by someone else for once! I loved the result. Sarah was absolutely incredible, I cannot recommend her enough ladies if you are looking for a professional but affordable photographer! She dives right into your brand and message to make sure she gets your photos on point!

I used ASOS to find ‘on brand’ outfits. Loved this dress, so flattering…check it out here.

Sarah captured hundred of photos so I’ll have loads to choose from for my final choices. The day was so relaxed and so much fun (we even cracked open a bottle of prosecco!). A tip on location…I did call a few places that were available to rent but the prices were ridiculous. In the end I just asked my lovely friend Philippa if I could use her gorgeous house for my photoshoot. It was free and we got to spend some really good time together, we even sneaked in a few shots for her to use on her social media.


To say I’m excited to see the final photos is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I’m like a kid at Christmas!!! Now it’s just a case of waiting for them to be edited and uploaded.

If you are a female entrepreneur then the right photoshoot it essential in my eyes. Professional looking photos will always help you to stand out and give you enormous confidence on social media. Here are my top tips when booking your first photoshoot:

  • Ask for photographer recommendations. Pick three that stand out to you and call each of them. After this process it will be much clearer who is the right photographer for you. I chose Sarah because she had used by colleagues, I loved her work and she produced really on brand photos.
  • Take 3-5 outfits on the day. Avoid black…yeah I know…I love black and actually didn’t think I suited pale/pastel colours but on camera black didn’t look great against my skin tone. So play around with your own camera to see which colours make your skin tone and eyes pop. Make sure the outfits represent you and your brand.
  • Drink lots of water and eat really well for at least a week before to make sure your skin is glowing and you feel your best on the day.
  • Try to use a make up artist you have used before so that you know you’ll love the result. If you don’t have time just make sure you have reviewed their work beforehand and be really clear with them on the day the kind of look that you want.
  • Make a Pinterest board with photos/styles/locations/poses that you like. This was great for me because it gave Sarah a really great idea of what look I wanted.

Hope these tips help and happy photo shoot day!

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