Why I drink aloe every day.

For the last three years I’ve been drinking aloe vera every single morning. Yup, that’s right you can drink this amazing plant! I’m not talking about that ‘juice’ crap you get that’s full of sugar and water but the real deal. 96% pure aloe vera gel that’s pretty much identical to drinking it straight from the plant!

I think most people know that aloe vera is good for them but I thought I’d focus on the four areas I know that aloe vera massively supports me:

  1. Drinking aloe vera every day helps support your immune system. Your immune system is what keeps you healthy and feeling good every day!
  2. Aloe is amazing for your digestive health. I drink 120 ml every morning but I will always sneak in a shot after over-indulging!
  3. It’s also ace for your skin! If you love taking care of your skin I cannot recommend it enough. It will get working from the inside out!
  4. Drinking aloe every day gives me heaps of energy too! As a busy woman it’s ace to have something so natural for an energy boost.


In my opinion the best aloe vera on the market is available by clicking here. This is an affiliate link just to let you know! I love the product that much!

I honestly can’t recommend using aloe vera as part of your daily health routine. I’ve no doubt you’ll see so many amazing  benefits from drinking it, make sure you write some of them in the comments below!


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