Why should I?

It’s 9.45 pm on chilly UK evening and I’ve been inspired to write this post right now, rather than saving the idea for later because sometimes blog posts are like doughnuts…best served fresh.

As an Empowerment Coach, it really pains me to see so many women stretching themselves so thin trying to please everybody.

This used to be me…badly. Then today, something triggered it again inside of me so I have been inspired to write this post.

As many of you know, one of my businesses is a Network Marketing business, which involves working with lots of different types of people. I recently decided to put together a Mastermind session every fortnight and hand picked the women I wanted to invite to be a part of these sessions.

The idea behind them being for us to come together in a high vibe space, allow them to share their wins and stretches, and provide time for me to coach and mentor them in a smaller group environment.

Unsurprisingly I hand picked the women who are showing the most commitment to their own businesses and development. So why was I wracked with guilt afterwards and worried that others may feel left out or neglected?

I’d had this feeling before…

I’m powerfully grateful that I have been able to build an incredible business and now stand in a position to coach other women to do the same, no matter what that business may be.

This means (and again powerfully grateful here) that I’m also in quite a lot of demand as a coach.

Notice I didn’t cringe there? Well I am an Empowerment Coach after all. I’m good at what I do, and people want a piece (#sorrynotsorry).

It was always a source of stress and worry to me how I could best serve every single person who wanted a slice of my time.

Then it dawned on me…why should I?

No seriously? Why should I?

Many women think they are ready to be coached, but they just aren’t. As someone with three years plus coaching experience this is quite easy to see.

Giving them my time when they are not ready to grow is a dis-service to them, a dis-service to me and I’d go as far to say…an act of self-harm.

I am purposely wasting my time…the most precious thing we have on earth.

So whether it’s an abusive customer, a client who’s clearly wasting your time or a team member who’s repeatedly letting you down…just remember…you do not have to give your gift to everybody who asks you for it.



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