Can you really make money from home?


Second question…was that the world’s shortest blog post?!

Don’t worry I’m going to expand on that yes because it definitely needs expanding upon.

As many of you know, my first business was within the Network Marketing or ‘home-based business’ industry. I still run this business and I am hugely proud to be associated with the industry.

When I first began my journey, people were extremely skeptical (as I was!) and didn’t really believe that you could make money from working at home. Okay fair enough…although I had met women earning incredible incomes…I was still earning around $100 a month if that.

However, when I began earning $2,000 a month, then $4,000…then $8,000…which then turned into an income of over $100,000 per year…people STILL didn’t believe it was possible. So what is really going on here?

Why are people still so skeptical, despite the evidence from millions of people worldwide earning fantastic extra or full-time incomes from a home-based business.

My honest opinion is that there are two main elements at play here.

  1. People’s conditioning. 

Up until the information age took over very recently, we were part of the industrial age. Our very school system was designed to make us into ‘good’ employees. Wear a uniform, have your days dictated by the school bell, listen to your teacher and don’t ever question what they say.

Unfortunately, our brains take a verrrrrrrrrryyyyy long time to catch up to our environments…and so does society.

Society (and people) are still stuck in the ‘industrial age/employee’ mindset. In other words, they just cannot comprehend being able to earn a decent income from a home based business. They believe that you must have a regular job, and work for someone else.

Brain. Does. Not. Compute.

      2. People’s Ignorance. 

Now I don’t mean this in a bad way! But when you combine people’s conditioning with their refusal to even try and understand how a home-based business might work…then you’re going to end up with a load of negative and skeptical people…thems just the breaks!

Thanks to the infamous pyramid schemes of the 1980s people have just decided that it must all be scam and they don’t want to know any different.

How can I demonstrate this? Well for a start, pyramid schemes are illegal so any Network Marketing company operating in the world would not be operating if it were a pyramid scheme. The company that I am affiliated with, Forever Living, even has the Investors In People Gold standard award. Dodgy pyramid scheme? I don’t think so…so don’t even and try to argue with me that it is.

Also, many of the objections I come across are quite honestly ludicrous (that’s a whole other topic for a blog post). This in itself demonstrates that flat refusal of so many people to even try and understand how the business model works.

For example…” isn’t that one of those things where only people at the top make the money.

Let’s rephrase that to how I interpret that question…” isn’t that one of those things where only people who work the hardest make all the money?

Yes, yes it is. 

And wouldn’t it be slightly f*ucked up if it wasn’t?

But then let me ask you this…

Let’s look at a corporation like Barclay’s Bank (who I did used to work for by the way…).

Let’s ask the same question about them – “Isn’t that one of those things where only people who work the hardest make all the money?”


It’s one of those things where a lot of people who work the hardest, like the cashiers on the shop floor, get paid about $10,000 a year – barely enough to live on. It’s one of those things where the CEO and the people who earn the most money didn’t necessarily work the hardest, but they knew the best people or had the best education.

Now I don’t know about you…but I’d rather be involved with something where the people who work the hardest make the most money. That seems a lot fairer to me?

So if you do think that a home-based business and income would suit you…e.g. flexibility, the opportunity to develop as a person, the chance to travel for free and earn great bonuses…then why don’t you stop listening to everyone else for a second and just take a look at how it actually works.

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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