Should you always follow your heart?

Okay, this is a subject I’ve wanted to talk about for ages.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of women stop working on their business because “their heart isn’t in it anymore.”

This is such a tricky area because I honestly think that some people are making a fatal mistake by ‘listening to their heart.’

Okay if you just dropped your coffee mug on the floor, I’m sorry…I know that’s quite a statement.

For the most part I’m a HUGE fan of listening to your heart, even though it can definitely get you in trouble sometimes.


However, when it comes to business…listening to your ‘heart’ can sometimes be a bad move.

More than ever we have access to so many different messages about ‘how’ we should live our lives and who we should look to for guidance. I have seen a lot of people sharing the message that you should immediately stop doing anything that ‘doesn’t speak to your heart.’ Is this really good advice?

It is a subject I have wanted to write about because at the 3 year mark in my business I began to feel like ‘my heart wasn’t in it anymore.’

I looked around me and I saw a lot of other people throwing in the towel.

Mentally…things got tough.

I saw more and more people speaking about having a ‘heart-centred business’ that you feel ‘endlessly’ passionate about.

Want my honest opinion?

That’s good marketing folks!

In reality, we are not 100% head over heels, madly in love with our businesses every second of the day. The idea that we could be…that’s what we call ‘selling you a dream.’

Some days we want to quit.

Some days we want to throw our laptops out of the window.

Some days we wish we just had a job that we could leave behind at 5 p.m.

Some days we wonder if we will ever reach our goals.

I decided to step back and dive deep into how I was feeling. I committed to finding out what was really going on…and a few months later…I was back to feeling insanely passionate about my business.

Mostly, I’m seriously glad that I didn’t quit on a bad day.

So it’s this reason I feel so sad when I see people call it a day on their business because they feel like their heart isn’t in it.

Your heart isn’t meant to be in it 100% of the time! That is not life!

It’s a well known scientific fact that one of the most important characteristics of huge success is resilience. So if you’ve been feeling like your heart isn’t in your business, please…give yourself a few months to work through the process.

It might be that you need to make some tweaks here or there to get your head and your heart back in the game.

Or…it might genuinely be that you have fallen out of love FOR GOOD…and that’s cool too.

What I’m saying is don’t fall for the lie that you should in love with your business every second of every day. You’re only human.


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