Stop Using Your Opinion As A Weapon

This is a blog post I’ve wanted to write for a while.

No, I’m not being dramatic, I’ve literally been travelling around for the last few months so this has been my first chance to sit down and give it the attention it deserves!

Since venturing more fully into the world of coaching, it’s a topic that has come up again and again. Not only in my head…but also when speaking to other women in the online business world.

What really prompted me to write this blog post was when a very good friend and coaching colleague had a $10,000 DAY. That’s right, she secured $10,000 in sales in just one day. However, her reaction wasn’t quite what you’d expect.

Instead of popping open the champagne, she went off to do some inner work because (in her words), she “didn’t feel worthy.”

This is a common feeling from women who exceed in their online business. However, I’m not actually going to touch upon money mindset right now, even if it is a favourite topic of mine.

Instead, I’m going to focus on a different problem. The problem being that part of the reason she felt this way is because other people continuously devalue the world of coaching.

Now, it’s my personal opinion that to be a coach you should either…

A) Have experience in what you’re wanting to coach on. For example, if you want to be a weight loss coach, you should have lost some weight! If you want to be a business coach, you should have run a business yourself before.

B) Have a coaching qualification.

That’s why I have both.

BUT, this IS JUST MY OPINION and no one has to agree with that. I feel strongly about this but what I don’t do…is use my opinion as a weapon.

More and more I see people using their opinions as weapons. I’m focusing on the coaching world here because of course, that’s one of the worlds that I move in. They look at someone crushing it and think HOW, how is she making $30k a month doing that?! Then they voice their opinion openly and without filter…exclaiming that this person is a fraud, who are they to be coaching, who do they think they are? This kind of talk causes a new coach to doubt themselves, and feel undeserving when they do acquire new clients.

So I want us to go back to business school for just a hot second here. There is something I like to call (and I’m sure a million other people also like to call it this…)…PERCEIVED VALUE.

Let me give you a personal example.

After purchasing my new Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, my sister came in one day and asked me how much that had cost me. I told her. £800. “WHAT” she exclaimed!!! On a bag!!! She could not wrap her head around it. There was no way she would spend £800 on a bag. That’s just fine…because I would never spend £2,000 on a tattoo…like she has often done.

This is because we have different ideas about what is valuable to us. She sees no perceived value in Louis Vuitton bags, I see no value in tattoos.

Another example. A friend of mine has parents who are millionaires. They travel a lot but refuse to pay for business class flights, even though they could quite easily afford them. A ‘waste of money’ was their exact words. I am far from a millionaire but in the past 12 months alone I’ve spent roughly £6,000 on business class flights because I perceive them to have HIGH value. I mean, it’s literally like having your own cosy armchair to snuggle up in with unlimited Moet Chandon…what’s NOT to love?!?!

Am I getting through to you yet?

SO….you may think it’s ridiculous, stupid, unfair etc. if someone with ZERO coaching experience or even ZERO business experience secures thousands of dollars in clients. BUT, those clients obviously PERCEIVE VALUE in what they are getting.

Rest assured, if a business doesn’t deliver for a customer/client and the customer/client subsequently doesn’t think that the investment was worth it…that business won’t last very long…but that’s not for you to decide.

So here’s a message really for ANY woman in business. Your clients and customers buy from you because they WANT to. They perceive value in what you are offering, otherwise, they wouldn’t buy. There should be no guilt, and you certainly shouldn’t listen to people who ‘don’t get it.’ If you believe in your product, offering, service…and you give excellent value…sales and success will never be an issue for you.

This was a point I just had to get off my chest because I have seen too many people paralysed by the opinions of others.

Please…don’t use your opinion as a weapon.

PC: Jez Timms on Unsplash

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