The Pitfall Of Mental Effort

Have you ever got to the end of a long day only to feel as tired as you feel unproductive?

Bizarre right? You’ve spent a long ass day doing sweet nothing…yet you’re exhausted.

One huge stumbling block I’ve seen in aspirational and blossoming female entrepreneurs is the tendency to exert a lot of mental effort…but not much actual effort.

You see, for us…our budding business is everything.

We think about when we wake up, we think about it as the kettle is boiling and we think about it when we go to bed…much like a new and exciting lover.

This tendency to exert such incredible mental effort into just thinking about our business often leaves many of my clients and the women I mentor in complete disbelief that they still haven’t made any sales or got any customers.

One of my private clients recently came to me in frustration that she still hadn’t landed herself any sales. It was seriously starting to affect her mindset she told me. I hopped over to her online platforms to check out what she had been up to and my suspicions were correct…not much.

Where’s the money? Where are all the customers? Where are all the clients? I am thinking about this so damn much, why am I still waiting???  This relentless ‘thinking about’ our business can even skew our reality and make us believe that we are actually taking real life action toward our goals and to drive our businesses forward and into the world.

Here are three of my top tips to ensure you are actually taking real action toward your business goals rather than just thinking about it!

  1. Take time every Sunday evening to set weekly goals. Sounds simple right? Well here’s the catch…you have to actually tick those goals off. So I want you to start with small goals that you know you can easily accomplish. This will start to flex your action-taking muscle.
  2. Schedule ‘thinking’ time. This is where you give yourself the time and space to get all that thinking out of the way. I recommend you double it up with something like walking the dog or working out.
  3. Make sure you constantly review the most high-impact activities that you can do to generate actual cash in your business. What’s great is that these activities usually double up as the most meaningful to you…it’s all the lovely stuff like speaking to prospective clients or prospects, creating content that’ll delight and support your audience or making your employees feel amazing.

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