Someone Is Living Your Version Of Unrealistic Right Now

When we are dreaming, letting our minds run wild with all the things we would love to do and indulging in our day-dreams there is ALWAYS that little voice that says “forget it, that’s not realistic.’ 

Yet someone out there is living your version of unrealistic right now. 

When I first got into the world of entrepreneurship and business I thought it was unrealistic to think I could earn enough to support myself full time without having to work for someone else. Yet within just 7 months I was earning more in my business than I had ever earned in a job. 

I thought it was pretty unrealistic to create a business where I got to travel the world to beautiful hotels and destinations…yet in the past three years alone I have had the time & money to travel to over 12 different global destinations.

I also thought it was unrealistic to have built a 6-figure income whilst also completing my PhD…yet that’s what I did. 

I know it’s so hard to believe what you want is possible…but just look for the evidence and find the people who are living out YOUR dreams right now.

So what are you holding back from going for at the moment because it’s unrealistic? Pretty much anything you want to achieve HAS been achieved by someone else, no matter how unrealistic it feels to you right now. How can you absorb this mindset shift into your daily life moving forward? 

Let me know in the comments 💞 

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