We Never Think Big Enough

I recently visited Harewood House in the North of England. It’s a huge stately home with acres and acres of land. It is believed that the owner had possibly THE most expensive taste in England for the time and spent what would now be millions on the interior of the home. Just to put that into perspective, there was a bed inside that had only been slept in twice because it was reserved for royalty. Looking at such an incredible piece of architecture it got me to thinking how small we tend to set our sights.

I had this same realisation when passing a passenger cruise ship in Sydney, Australia. It was so enormous I literally stood and stared at it for about 15 minutes much to my friend’s annoyance. I couldn’t believe that a) someone had thought up something so huge and b) someone had actually bloody built it and made it happen!

When I first started out in business almost four years ago I couldn’t wrap my head around earning £1,000 let alone the kind of money I heard some people earning. Yet at some point, I had to take that leap in belief. I had to cultivate that ‘it’s possible’ mindset. I reminded myself constantly that money is really just a game and millions of people right now are making heap loads of it. That so many people out there were doing what seems impossible just because they had the vision for it. I had to work really hard to push outside my current reality. This is something I focus on within my coaching practice. 

Expanding your current reality really is something you must work on as you are changing direction in your life. You cannot build a dream or a new life based on your current reality. You have to start moulding everything around you to better fit the person you are becoming and the streamline the process of moving forward.

I still have to work hard to do that. Having hit 6-figures in business I still sometimes doubt if 7 is even possible, so I focus on interacting with 7-figure business owners and remind myself that if the men on Wall Street can do it, so can I.

Now, I always try and catch myself if I am thinking small. If I have a grand idea, I write it down because although I may not be able to act on it immediately…no idea is too big or too crazy.

Have you ever forgotten about a plan or idea because it felt too big? I’d love to hear in the comments.

P.S. If you are looking for business coaching that will help you lay the right foundations for a successful business or want to know how to start a business then get in touch at hello@annamayterry.com.

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